Reimagine the management of your scope 1 emissions

Move away from static spreadsheet-based tools, and automate emission data collection and calculation to create actionable profiles for each emission source. Using these profiles, develop forecasts, meet targets, identify opportunities and execute reduction plans. Go beyond default emission rates and use operational data to calibrate facility emissions to achieve the most accurate profile of each source. Identify and track potential fugitive emission sources by facilitating data acquisition from any of your ground based or subscribed aerial survey datasets.

Supply Chain

Manage scope 3 emissions and decarbonize your supplier ecosystem

Scope 3 emissions data can be difficult to source, and quantify leaving your organization with an incomplete picture of your enterprise carbon footprint. Take control of your scope 3 emission with Emission Critical’s tools by streamlining all publicly disclosed footprints, and using our models estimating all those that are not readily available. Account for all accumulated emissions from the point of procurement through transportation and into the value chain for final production and end-use. Determine low carbon supply chain pathways, and enable the decarbonization of your supplier ecosystem.


Enable enterprise decarbonization and show visible progress towards ESG Targets

Champion sustainability across all your organizational functions. Facilitate enterprise collaboration by managing your workflow from one platform that allows you to visualize emission flows across your value chain, and vertically down through the corporate hierarchy. Zoom into individual emission sources to identify disproportionate contributors, and zoom out to see aggregated carbon footprint metrics (e.g total carbon, carbon intensity etc.). Use our platform to improve data quality by applying our unique scoring system built from global climate accounting standards. Establish segregation of duties to ensure appropriate task verification, and choose applicable ESG frameworks to report against.

Business Unit Heads

Manage your carbon footprint the same way you manage your financials

Automatically track and analyze your carbon emissions data through carbon footprint performance metrics. Identify your highest emission sources and categories, create mitigation scenarios, and evaluate project initiatives for the potential to decarbonize your enterprise. Facilitate the collaboration of functions across your organization by integrating carbon accounting into your business processes, and prioritize sustainability in your decision framework.

Portfolio Management

Simplify portfolio disclosures and ESG analytics for sustainable investing

Streamline the management of the carbon footprint performance of your portfolios. Use our estimation models to calculate carbon footprints of your portfolio companies that are not readily available, and assess data quality using our unique scoring system built from climate accounting standards. Visualize and compare carbon footprint performance metrics from ESG data providers (e.g. MSCI, DJIA, Sustainlytics). Flag suspect data through independent surveillance and assessment, and track investments and divestments dynamically using our ledger.

CEO, CFO, and Board

Attract capital by transitioning to low carbon business models

Capital opportunities are closing to organizations that do not prioritize ESG and low carbon business models. Manage your enterprise carbon footprint risk through our carbon ledger, and satisfy your assurance engagements through our fully auditable platform and reports. Use our analytics tools to evaluate the performance of your decarbonization initiatives and identify carbon reduction opportunities where capital can be most efficiently deployed. Emission Critical will enable your organization to meet your decarbonization targets, and help you secure industry leading capital and debt financing.