Schaum Sethuram

Founder, CEO

In his previous venture, Schaum founded and led a software firm that deployed enterprise accounting systems to track green house gases and model complex value chains in the energy industry. The systems processed approximately twenty billion in total revenues, and covered several regulatory and financial jurisdictions across eight countries. He brings more than fifteen years of experience in modeling value chains and solving data problems.

Mohit Agarwal

Founder and CTO

Mohit is a seasoned tech founder with a successful startup and exit under his belt. He has experience in building and running large Internet businesses. He is passionate about environment and has worked in diverse areas of communication systems, IOT and online gaming. Mohit has a Masters degree from UC Berkeley and he holds several patents in digital signal processing.

Brent Floyd

Product Architect

Brent brings over three decades of global experience in operations, product management and project management. He has led deployments of accounting and GHG monitoring systems in the energy industry and holds a patent in innovative allocation design. He has advised senior executives on improving their operational performance and trained engineers and analysts in data management. He has been invited to industry forums as a speaker on allocation methodologies.

Brent Floyd